ENTJ Under Stress

The ENTJ's need for external stimulation, thrill and danger is what makes this type probably one of the most stress-resistant personality types, but like every other human being they are not immune to it.

When under stress ENTJs may exhibit these behaviors:

- Jumping to conclusions
- Losing patience
- Ignoring their emotional needs and feelings of others
- Finding it hard to listen to others because they’re always in a rush
- Avoiding small talk because they find it frivolous and nonproductive
- When they’re losing control they feel the need for closure and completion
- They may resort to completing simple, meaningless, repetitive tasks (i.e. cleaning, counting, inspecting) to relieve stress
- May begin to strongly doubt themselves
- Avoid their ability ever being tested out of fear of failure
- Become critical of opinions and attitudes which don't match their own
- If under extreme stress they may explode with terrible tempers
- May withdraw, feel hurt, trapped and become overly emotional