ISFP + ENTJ compatibility, relationships, dating

“You are so different from me.”

Unfortunately this MBTI match in many cases is not the most ideal one. Opposite personalities generally don’t work well in relationships and the motto “opposites attract” is usually not true in MBTI unless the two types share a common N or S. That means ENTJs usually understand INFPs better than they understand ISFPs and an ISFP would have a better chance of getting along with an ESTJ or ISTJ than with an ENTJ.

Why this relationship can be troublesome...

1. ISFPs as a personality are extremely sensitive to conflict and criticism and the ENTJ is naturally a confrontational type, not at all afraid of conflict. ENTJs might even see conflict as a generally positive and productive thing so they are going to have a hard time giving it up; that is if it’s even possible for them to give up conflict.

2. As ISFPs are focused on enjoying the present moment, they may appear lazy or slow-moving at times and eventually the ENTJ will start to criticize that behavior more and more. ENTJs usually don’t have much understanding and tolerance for messiness and inefficiency.

3. The ENTJ might seem to the ISFP as too insensitive and too quick to judge.

4. The ENTJ might find himself dissatisfied with a lack of challenge from the ISFP. ENTJs like their opinions to be challenged and they need a lot of intellectual stimulation through debates and discussion. The ISFP will usually see a debate as an attack and try to steer clear of conflict.

However, it is not all that black in this relationship. As friends ENTJs and ISFPs might even get along great and learn a thing or two from each other. ISFPs themselves are often slow to show their affection with words so they will not be emotionally demanding and that is one thing ENTJs can appreciate.

But remember, much effort will be needed for this relationship to work. If it is worth for you to put in that effort then go for it. After all, it’s a fact that two well developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship if they try.