ESTP + ENTJ relationships, compatibility, dating

These two types usually get along great. Lets see why...


ESTPs and ENTJs have quite a lot of things in common. At first sight one might even confuse the two types. They both usually have a “larger than life” attitude, both are prone to thrill seeking, have good people skills, are not personally threatened by conflict or criticism and both are cool headed in emergency situations.

These two types are usually not at conflict with each other and there is ground for a fun relationship between them. A “buddy” relationship is almost bound to form between an ESTP and ENTJ of the same sex if they’re exposed to each other for a sufficient amount of time.

Love relationships

However, an ESTP male and an ENTJ female could face some trouble in a love relationship because ESTP males don’t usually seek out dominant women for a relationship and an ENTJ woman might be just “too much” for them. In a reversed situation (ENTJ male, ESTP female) the relationship is usually easier.

The ENTJ is usually in a more favorable position in this relationship unless the ESTP is in a much higher position in society (either by education, moneywise or socially). The ESTP usually sees the ENTJ as a very intelligent person and admires them in that respect. This can be positive because the ENTJ desires to be seen as smart and competent.

Conflict in this relationship is a rare thing because the ENTJ appreciates the ESTP’s laid back and fun nature and nothing is taken too seriously or personally (both are thinkers).

Conclusion to ESTP ENTJ compatibility

Although for a long term love relationship people should seek someone who has the same perceiving letter (N or S), the ESTP-ENTJ relationship has the potential to be ideal if there is some natural attraction between the two people involved.