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ISTJ + ENTJ compatibility, relationships, dating

So, are ISTJs and ENTJs compatible? Yes and no. Even though this relationship is not the most ideal one, it can work pretty well in some cases. There are many ways in which ISTJs and ENTJs can complement each other, especially in the workplace, but if they don’t have much in common (not personality wise, but interest wise) then this relationship can be troublesome. Roles in society also play an important factor here. For example, an ENTJ can work spectacularly well with ISTJ employees but if it’s the other way around conflict can arise often. This happens because ENTJs like to question authority and ISTJs usually respect authority without much question. When an ENTJ is the employee, she will often question plans and procedures thinking they are negotiable and that they can be better and more efficient. Not all ISTJs will be open enough to have their plans and orders questioned and the ENTJ might be seen as a rebel or an enemy. If the ENTJ is in a higher position, things will go mor