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ENTJ + ENTJ relationships, compatibility

These kinds of relationships are usually harmonious, for obvious reasons of similarity. In the end, it’s only logical that you will find common ground with a person who is almost the same as you. Of course that doesn’t mean every ENTJ will get along with every ENTJ, because there are many other factors in relationships besides personality traits. Sometimes this kind of combination can even produce a rivalry, but if identical partners feel a mutual attraction to each other their relationship can turn into a soulmate experience.

The good:
- lots of interesting debates
- solving problems rationally
- no need to adjust your behavior for the other person; you can be yourself and the other person can understand
- a life of structure and order, no ambiguity
- sympathy towards each other because you can identify with a similar person more easily
- self-evaluation through basically watching a different version of yourself

The bad:
- with two extroverts in a relationship, especially two ENTJ…