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ESTJ + ENTJ compatibility, relationships, dating

Short summary: To communicate something to an ESTJ the best policy is action, not theories Traditional ESTJs who are above an ENTJ in an organization can cause a lot of frustration to the ENTJ. Again the best policy is to have something to show for in real life, hard work or success gets their respect As equal peers ENTJs and ESTJs usually get along fine if of similar interests “It works” is a language both these personality types share ENTJs are one of the first types to admire the ESTJs dependability, hard work and responsibility An ENTJ - ESTJ relationship depends a lot on social roles and hierarchy mainly because of the ESTJ’s mentality so we’ll concentrate on that in this article. One good way to differentiate an ENTJ from an ESTJ is to look at their attitude towards hierarchy, gender and social roles. The difference in approach is that ESTJs tend to be more respectful towards authority and people above them in hierarchy (bosses, parents, and older people)

ENFJ + ENTJ compatibility, relationships

ENTJ ENFJ relationship summarized for those who don’t like long stories: - easily connect on an intuitive level - both like to create structure and order - might see each other as stubborn after some time - need to work on listening to each other while making decisions, and not just listening, but also taking each other's opinions into account - the ENTJ might not be able to meet the ENFJ's idealized standards for love and affection, especially for spoken words of affection because ENTJs believe actions speak louder than words (most ENTJ males would rather spell “I love you” with jet exhaust trails than say it out loud) - the ENTJ has to try to be less critical and argumentative and the ENFJ has to try to be less threatened by conflict and criticism - if the ENFJ is immature, the ENTJ will see her as emotionally manipulative, clingy or even two-faced - if the ENTJ is immature the ENFJ will see her as selfish, arrogant and stubborn ENTJ ENFJ relationshi