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The ENTJ female?

ENTJ women are logical, analytical, assertive, non-conformist, independent and sometimes brutally honest and if you think those traits are unusual for a woman, first of all you have prejudice, but also you're in for more surprises, because the ENTJ female is also statistically an unusual occurence. ENTJ women are the second most rare type, representing only 0.9% of all women, right after INTJ women who represent only 0.8% of the female population.

ENTJ women, just like ENTJ men, highly value family and friends, so they are likely to be loyal. Their loyalty is not endless and uncoditional though and they have no problem cutting people out of their life if trust is repeatedly broken.

How do I spot an ENTJ female?

Well, apart from the description above, you might notice an ENTJ woman in male dominated professions like business or politics. A very large percentage of women in those two professions are either ENTJ or ESTJ. ENTJ women tend to dress elegantly but practically.

In school they tend to have very good grades and they are usually liked by professors.

Some of them may come off as cold or hard to approach and some of them ARE cold and hard to approach, but they will almost never be rude for no reason because that is not classy.

ENTJ females, in a national sample, answering to questions about "leisure activities" were overrepresented in "working out/exercising" so it would be safe to say they tend to be more fit than the average person and you might find them at the local gym.

ENTJs are one of the least religious types, so you probably won't find an ENTJ woman in a church or a mosque.

Another classic ENTJ trait is the ability to save up money and delay gratification. Almost every ENTJ has this ability. It may not be useful in spotting an ENTJ female because those things are usually kept private, but it's good to know.

Bad things about ENTJ women

Apart from the fact that most of them are a "catch" and hard to impress or seduce and you probably won't make the cut, they also come with weaknesses, just like every other human. At their worst, ENTJ women can be narcissistic, demanding, neurotic control freaks who lose their sh*t whenever things aren't the way they want them to be. For some of them, their high standards for everything make it almost impossible to find a satisfactory mate, which can be worsened by the fact that overachieving women according to studies tend to have an even harder time in finding a satisfactory mate. Some ENTJ women also have trust issues but they are good at hiding all their weaknesses.

They can also be stubborn, intolerant, manipulating, arrogant and lacking in compassion.

Many ENTJ females are also colder than the average woman, so they may not fulfill the expectations of a woman being comforting, emotional and nurturing. They may even come off as intimidating because of this. If you need a woman to replace your mother, ENTJ women are probably not it.

Good things about ENTJ women

For those who manage to woo her, many great things await. Since trust can be a problem for many ENTJs, once they actually find someone deserving of trust, they will be as loyal as a dog. Because ENTJ women are independent, you can expect her to sort out many things that other women would consider "man's work". She won't wait around helplessly.

If something about your behavior bothers them, unlike many other women, they will be straightforward and tell you, instead of being passive aggressive.

Most of them are overachievers and very good with money, which is always a nice thing.

Research about ENTJ women from the book "MBTI manual":

- Overrepresented among female owners of small businesses compared with national sample
- One of two types most frequent among female student affairs officers
- One of two types most frequent among RAs at women's college
- Underrepresented in female chemical dependency sample (while ENTJ males are overrepresented among new college students referred for a substance abuse workshop)

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