ISFJ + ENTJ compatibility, relationships

The situations where the SJ and NT temperaments understand each other are unfortunately quite rare. SJs are interested in security and tradition, while NTs will choose challenge and innovation over that, any time. However, this particular MBTI match is not all bad because these two personality types generally don’t feel threatened by each other. The ENTJ will be comfortable around the ISFJ, and vice versa.

Possible stumbling blocks

Problems will arise if one or both of the types are imbalanced individuals; for example if the ENTJ is too much oriented towards thinking and ignores the feeling aspect of situations or if the ISFJ is too stubborn, overprotective or emotional.

There are some other possible stumbling blocks too. While ENTJs and ISFJs are not threatened by each other, the ENTJ might get frustrated with the ISFJs fear of novelty and change and dislike of theory and abstract thought. This need of the ENTJ to theorize and debate will almost never be fulfilled by the ISFJ because they are by nature a type that doesn’t like to theorize much. They are also quite conventional and traditional, and might be a little frightened if the ENTJ gets too unconventional and out of the ordinary.


Despite these differences, the ISFJ has a lot to offer to the ENTJ. They can offer stability, harmony and reliability and the ENTJ will appreciate that. One common trait of these two types is that they are both dedicated to finishing things and usually both are orderly, although the ENTJ might not care too much for orderliness in their physical environment.

All in all, this matchup can be quite harmonious for a period of time, but boredom can easily set in and that might be a bigger problem to the ENTJ who gets bored rather easily and likes change and novelty. This match is by no means ideal, but it will not produce a lot of conflict.